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My AKC Registered name is "Artic Wonder Klondike Bar" but my Mommy usually just calls me "Klondike".  My Daddy sometimes calls me "Klondike Bar" if I am a bad girl and I am not listening or doing something I shouldn't be doing.  My Mommy wasn't planning on giving me a registered name, but she had to when she got my hips checked by the Doctors at the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA).  See my page dedicated to Hip Dysplasia for more info about that. 

Here is a picture of me at just about 18 months old.  I sure do love the snow!!!  Just look at that smile on my face, I am such a happy girl!!!

For new pics of me,  see my other links at the top of the page.  My Mom will be adding pictures throught my life.

Also, Check out my new very own BLOG!  That's where my updates go.

Me around 1 1/2 years old enjoying my favorite thing...SNOW!

I was born on July 1st, 2006 in Michigan.  When my Mommy found me I was the only puppy left that needed a home, and it turns out I was exactly what she was looking for.  My breeder told my Mommy that I was a "Silly Girl" and that became one of my nicknames.  I still answer to "Silly Girl" and also "Little One" even though I am not so little anymore.  My breeder drove a long way to meet my new Mommy.  We met in PA and then my new Mommy took me to NY where I now live with my Akita brother and sister, "Muggsey" and "Vixxen".  I love my brother and sister very much and love to try to get on their nerves, although Mommy usually steps in before it can get out of hand.  I am a tough girl and I don't have any fears, except for the darn vacuum.  I am getting used to it though and I now like when my Mommy vacuums me when I am blowing my coat (whatever that means). 

Me getting Bigger and Bigger

When I was a baby I LOVED to play in my water dish.  Mommy said that my breeder told her that me and all of my brothers and sisters always made a mess with the water!!!

My first day home

Look at how pretty I am

Belly rubs are my favorite thing in the whole wide world.  When anyone new meets me I woo woo to them until they pet me.  As soon as they do, I drop down to the floor and go belly up!  That way I know for sure I will get a big belly rub! 

Why does that thing keep flashing?

Maybe Mommy keeps cookies in that camera just for us.  I hope I get mine first!

Me and Muggsey Snugglin'

It took me a while before I wasn't afraid to lay down this close to Muggsey.  Now he licks my ears for me and I clean up his drool for him.  We are the best of friends now.  Mommy has even caught us cuddling when we go to sleep at night.  She thinks it is cute!

When I was a baby my Mommy noticed that I walked funny, but thought that I was just going through a growth stage.  When I still walked funny at 4 months of age my Mommy took me to two different doctors to get their opinions.  They both said my hips were very lax and that I should be xrayed when I was to be spayed at 6 months.  The xrays came back pretty bad but some people said they weren't professional enough so Mommy took me again when I was a year old so they could be reviewed by the great folks over at The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA).  Mommy's fears were confirmed when she got a letter from OFA in the mail.  Mommy told me I have what is called Moderate Hip Dysplasia.  I know I will be OK though because Mommy said she will take extra special care of me and do whatever it takes to be sure that I live a happy and comfortable life, afterall, I am her baby.  Mommy said that usually surgery is an option, but not for me just yet.  You see, I have what is called a blood coagulation disorder that Mommy found out about when I went to the Doctor's to get spayed.  That means that I will bleed more than usual during surgery, which means I might not make it through a procedure.  In fact, I almost died while I was being spayed because I bled so much more than I should have.  We now know, after a bunch of different testing, that my coagulation disorder is called Factor VII Deficiency.  I am taking supplements in hopes that it will slow down the progression of my Hip Dysplasia so I can remain active, happy, and as pain free as possible. Mommy also learned some special therapy called T-Touch and some special massage to help me when my hips don't feel so well.

Me dressed as Santa's Helper

Dressing up is always a fun thing to do!

Aren't I an Angel???

I know my brother Muggsey and sister Vixxen look cool in their costumes, but come on, aren't I the cutest thing?

Brrrrr, it's cold but I like it!

I just LOVE playing in the snow.  I even try to wake Mommy up at 2:00am just so I can go outside and try to eat some snow.  As far as I am concerned, the colder it is outside, the better!

Nothing better than a face full of snow!

Puppy Love

Vixxen and I love to kiss each other.  Especially after we eat our dinner.  Sometimes we kiss for a few minutes and sometimes we can kiss for almost an hour.  Eventually Vixxen gets annoyed so Mommy will take me for a walk so I leave her alone.  I would kiss her all day if she would let me.

Above is a picture of my best day yet...My Birthday.  I am a big one year old now.  Just look at this cool hat I got to wear too!  My Mommy got me a big cake with my name on it and it even had candles and everything.  I got to open my own presents too!  I got so many neat toys and bones and stuff to chew on.  I wish I could have my Birthday everyday!  Maybe if I look at my Mommy with my sweet puppy dog eyes I can have another cake really soon. 

My Mommy Feeds Me and Recommends Merrick Wilderness Blend and Grammy's Pot Pie...Mmmm

Thank you for visiting my website.  Please check back soon because I know my Mommy will be adding many updates as I grow. 

If you are searching for a Malamute puppy, or any puppy, PLEASE be sure you do your research and find a reputable breeder who is proud to perform any and all heath clearences such as OFA, Chondrodysplasia (dwarfism) and CERF before purchasing.  While health testing of the Sire and Dam does not guarentee 100% that your puppy will be healthy, it can help you avoid much heartache in the long run because you will be decreasing the chance of your puppy developing problems later in life.  Don't accept excuses from breeders who claim testing is not important.  Health testing prior to breeding is a very important tool, along with research of the extended pedigrees of the pup's parents.  Your breeder should be knowledgeable of not only the breed, but of the lines they are breeding. 

You can never do enough research.  Please be sure a Malamute is the right breed for you and your family's lifestyle.  They are not a breed for everyone.  They are very intelligent and training can be quite a challenge for some.  Be sure you are up to the task of working with your Malamute on a daily basis, instilling proper behavior and manners.  Malamute pups grow very quickly and before you know it, that cute fuzzy puppy is big and strong, so it is best that you begin all training at a very young age.  Remember that you are making a life long commitment to your dog.  Pets are not disposable, they are members of your family and should be treated as such! 

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