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Here I am with some of my friends

I have lots of friends, some I met when I was a baby, but I meet new friends everyday.  I go to work with my Mommy everyday and there are lots of doggie pals there for me to play with.  Mommy has a boarding kennel so I can have a new playmate everyday If I wanted to.  I guess I am a lucky girl.  This page is not finished yet, Mommy has to find some more pictures of me with some other friends.  The problem is that she has too many pictures of me and sometimes it is hard for her to find the one's she is looking for, so please check back for updates!

Me and my 1st Malamute friend

Her name is Kiev

Kiev is 2 months older than me

We play well together

We share sticks

and lounge out together

Angus is a Gordon Setter

Angus is my bestest friend in the whole wide world!

Me with Kiev and Daisy Duke

I love my Angus T. Schmangus

Me and Kiev smell something good!

This is Boomer, we grew up together at work

Kiev and I are both getting bigger

I have so much fun with Kiev!

Look, I'm bigger than Angus now!

He is my bestest friend in the whole world.

I like to chew on Angus' ears

This is Me with my friend Elliot

Why does he have to keep sniffing my butt???

Elliot made my ear go up for a few seconds!

This is me and my friend Jelly

Jelly is one of my Mom's favorite dogs in the whole wide world

He is SO much bigger than me

My Mommy calls him a Gentle Giant

He is fun to play with

I try to kiss him but he doesn't like it

If it weren't for Jelly mom probably would have only had Akitas

Thanks to Jelly Mommy is in love with Malautes now!!!