2 Years Old

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I'm a BIG 2 Years Old Now!

I am now 2 years old and have lots of new pictures to share.  I got to have 2 Birthday parties!!!!!!  I hope you enjoy the pictures!


Don't I look pretty in my Birthday hat???

It looks like my friend Angus is having fun too!

Everyone at the kennel came to my party

My friends Emily and Josh got me this cool doggie cookie Birthday cake.

Come on Dad, let's go. I want to start my other party at home with Muggsey and Vixxen...I'll drive so we get there FAST!

Daddy thinks Mommy is crazy for doing all of this, but I am soooo glad she did!

I love my new Turtle

I had so much fun today, I am still smiling.

I wonder what Muggsey is doing.

I think he thinks the party is for him, well it isn't.

Mmmmmmmm, icing is YUMMY, Thanks Dad.

Uh Oh, now Vixxen thinks it's HER party. Not a chance sister.

Me talking to Mommy.

Got PAW???

I love it outside.

Me and my sister Vixxen playing.

I love sticks so much. I gather them and make my own stick pile.

I always have something in my mouth.

Does my butt look big?

I like snoozing on the new couch.

Mommy said she loves this picture.

On the prowl.

Playing with Muggsey

Me, just lookin' silly

In Deep Thought.

Trying to get Muggsey's toy away from him.

We're not doing anything wrong Mom! We promise.

HA! I knew I could get that toy away from Muggsey, right under his nose too.

Uh Oh, I think he noticed his toy is GONE!