3 Years Old

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3 Years Old

It's hard to believe that I am 3 years old already!  Mommy says that I get prettier and prettier every day.  That's a lot of days to get prettier!

I Love my Birthday Hat!

Check out the cake I got!

And all of those presents are for me too!

MMMmmm, I can smell the cookies through the box.

WooWoo!!!! Can I have some cake now?

And yes, I still love to chew on sticks, even though I am 3 now.

Just take the picture so I can take this hat off...

Time to go hide my stick.

I love to tackle Vixxen.

But Muggsey is the doggie police.

So I go back to chewing my stick...for now.

Woo...Muggsey's not looking!

He didn't come to rescue you this time!!!! I know you like it anyway Vixxen, you always come back for more.

Hurry up with the picture Mom, we wanna play!

OK, I'll rest for now, but just for a little while. Don't worry Vixxen, I'll play with you again in a little while.

I told you not to worry Vixxen!

Now I am tired out again. I need a drink of water and a nap!