Winter 2008-2009

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New Pictures...Winter 2008-2009

We have only had 2 real Snow Storms this year so we took advantage of them as much as possible!  I am sure we will have plenty more snowfalls before the winter comes to a close.  Keep checking back for updated photos! Wink  In the meantime, please enjoy our indoor and outdoor winter pictures!


We hope you had a Wonderful Christmas Season and a very Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!

Ahhh, The Snow Feels Good On My Face!

Catching Snowflakes Is Fun!

Crazy Snow Eyes, LOL!

Do I really have to come inside Mom?

I'm gonna get'cha Vixxen!

I am so happy that it is snowing that it makes my floppy ear stand up.

I am in Heaven when it snows!

Old Muggsey man plays like a puppy when it snows!

I could stay out here all night Mom.

Now THIS is the good stuff!

Catch me if ya can

I'll take a break from playing and eat some snow.

It's not cold, it's PERFECT!

All of this snow is ALL MINE!

I think Vixxen is eating my snow!

I think I'm gonna catch Vixxen this time...

This is the "tail end" of the snow pictures until the next snowfall.

This is one of the looks I use on Mommy to try and get what I want.

This is what Mom calls a "Couch Hog". I call it "Comfy".

I think I missed a speck of yogurt at the bottom of the container! Don't worry, I can reach it.

Watching Mom and Dad bake Christmas Cookies.

Me and my Akita sister Vixxen hangin' out under the coffee table, as usual.

My sweet Akita sister Vixxen at 6 1/2 years old.

My handsome Akita brother Muggsey at 8 1/2 years old.

Big Stretch!

Here's a kiss for all of my fans!

Does my butt look big in this outfit?

Oh no, what did I do to deserve this?

Why would Mommy make me wear an Akita shirt?

More Belly Rubs Please!!!!!