Puppy Pictures 2

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Puppy Pictures 2

Here are some more puppy pictures of me!  You would never know I was a puppy in some of these cause I'm a big girl now.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as my Mommy does! Love, Klondike.

Me hanging out in the kitchen at the kennel.

Just about time for a snooze.

I love my big sister Vixxen!

Aren't I cute?

Me and my big brother Muggsey and my big sister Vixxen.

Those ears...

I make silly faces all the time!

So many toys, so little time...

You won't be holding me much longer!

Hanging out on the patio with Muggsey and Vixxen.

I make silly faces all the time!

Me trying to be like my big brother Muggsey.

Hahaha, that was a good joke!

Hangin' out with the siblings.

Lounging with my big sis.

I said DOWN Vixxen!!!

Three peas in a pod...

The big dogs said this is where Mom keeps the cookies.

I like my Halloween bandana!

All snuggled up in bed with toys!

It's fun to play in the leaves.

I love to lay by my big sister Vixxen

Can I share?

I wear this to hide my devilish side.

Striking a pose with Muggsey!

Upside Down Klondike.

Look how dark my coat got. It changes so much.

I got the best seat in the house! On my Daddy!

Getting really big!

Ya think it will fit in my mouth?

Kiss Kiss Muggsey!