1 Year Pictures

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Look at how I've grown

On this page you will find pictures of me as a big girl!

Good girls sit for cookies!

Here come Muggsey and Vixxen, they want cookies too

Come and help me up on the couch Mommy!

This is MY Loofa Dog!

This WAS Mommy's blankie

Why so many pictures Mom?

Not ANOTHER bath !!!

I will dig again later anyway!

I just stole Vixxen's pumpkin!

You can't have it back Vixxen!

Hey, I said that was MY pumpkin now! No Fair.

See how I support myself when I play?

Two peas in a pod, who said girls can't get along?

It's nice out here, can I say out here for a while?

You guys can go in, but I'M NOT COMING!

Fine, I will just sit here and wait to go out again.

Come on over Muggsey, We have a nice view over here.

Here I am at about 18 months old, there are more of me at 18 months below. I a so excited to be in the snow that my floppy ear is excited too!

Me and my ear are still excited! This snow is GREAT

I thought I would never find my stick

Please kick some more snow my way, this is fun!

Me and Muggsey checking things out

Maybe I can hide from Muggsey under here

I like catching snowballs

This is the life :)

Finally, some deep snow!

I look silly with the camera angle Mommy used here

Big Yawn!

My Adult Side

My Puppy Side

I'm so cozy and comfy on Daddy's new blanket, I'm gonna take a nap now. Check back for more pictures soon!